Prepare for the Expectation

Tea Time  6/15/17

What is Expectation- Benefit, The Reward, The Resolve..

A lot of times I have found that we Expect .. Request of the Universe or our God force… Request and Request and Request….. To the point of begging sometimes BUT we never prepare to receive it!

A lot of prosperity teachers, coaches and leaders will say THINK IT, BELIEVE IT , SEE IT!

Manifest it (Receive it)….

I have come to the understanding that whenever you EXCECPT something you prepare for right?! If you are going on a trip or cooking a meal you make preparations to get it done. Why don’t we do the same thing for things that we pray or ask the universe for? Do we actually expect to receive them?

I feel like if we spent our time living in line with the manifestation then we will live in constant expectation.. What does that look like? Well,  you now how the saying goes Dress for the job you want not the job you have…. Same goes for life.. Live the life you are manifesting. So, take stock of what you are expecting and get prepared for the expectation to appear!


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